As teacher


Gábor Palotás has been the percussion teacher of the Kodály Zoltán Kecskeméti Singing Music Elementary School, High School, Secondary School and Elementary School of Art since January 2008. As a teacher, he has taught percussion in several cities and spent one and a half years teaching in higher education at the University of Debrecen’s Music Academy where he taught melodic percussion instruments. Gábor is waiting with constantly expanding material conditions for students who want to learn about percussion instruments and the young people who choose this instrument family for their profession in Kecskemét.

Gábor is continually seeking to identify and engage new students interested in studying percussion. Gabor has unique offerings to expand the horizons of all players, whether a beginning player interested in learning the fundamentals or young people who is choosing percussion for their profession.

Gábor can share the following students’ successes as a preparatory teacher:

2012 XI. National Percussion Competition, Budapest, Hungary
Group I – 3rd prize (Krisztián Gulyás-Szabó)

2014 XII. International Percussion Competition, Montesilvano, Italy
Marimba Category B – 1st prize (Bence Simon)

2014 III. International Percussion Competition, Timisoara, Romania
Group 2 – 1st prize (Domonkos Gerhát)
Group 5 – 1st prize (Ákos Sándor Szabó)
Group 9 – 1st prize (Evelin Szilvási)

2014 XIV. Percussion Chamber Music Competition, Vác, Hungary
Group 1 – 1st prize
(Domonkos Gerhát, Andor Módra, Ákos Sándor Szabó, Balázs Uhljár)

2014 I.Hungarian Composers’ Vocal and Instrumental Solo and Chamber Music
Competition Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary
Chamber Music – Category I – 1st Prize
(Domonkos Gerhát, Andor Módra, Ákos Sándor Szabó, Balázs Uhljár)

2015 XIII. International Percussion Competition, Montesilvano, Italy
Vibraphone B category – 3rd prize (Bence Simon)
Vibraphone C category – 2nd prize (Bence Simon)

2015 IV. International Marimba Competition, Opole, Poland
1st best group age group award (Evelin Szilvási) (the jury did not issue other prizes)

2016 XII. National Percussion Competition, Miskolc, Hungary
Group 3 – 3rd prize (Evelin Szilvási)
Group 3 – 3rd prize (Levente Tóth)

2016 I. Kecskemét Regional Percussion Competition, Kecskemét, Hungary
Group 1 – 1st prize (Domonkos Gerhát)
Group 1 – 3rd prize (Barnabás Inges)
Group 4 – 2nd prize (Zsanett Liszkai)

2017 VIII. Chamber Orchestra Competition, Szeged, Hungary
Special Prize (Márton Csató, Gábor Kovács, Bálint Majsai, Levente Tóth)

2018 IX.Országos Maros Gábor Percussion Solo and Duo Competition, Győr, Hungary
Solo Category – 2nd Group – 1st prize (Domonkos Gerhát)
Duo Category – 2nd Series – 3rd Prize (Domonkos Gerhát, Bercel Závogyán)