Solo Projects


Marimba Clouds

After his graduation in 2009, Gábor Palotás took a special interest in percussion compositions written by Hungarian composers. This activity inevitably involved the birth of new works. Marimba Clouds aims to provide a comprehensive selection of the diverse mosaic of Hungarian composers of our time.

Program of Marimba Clouds:
Zoltán Csaba Marján: Lemuria - The Fallen Civilization
Bálint Baráth: Canabasic
Gábor András Virágh: Capriccio per marimbafono
Gábor Palotás: Shadows in the Forest
Ákos Nagy: Wailing of Pendulum
Máté Balogh: öi-(jj)
Árpád Solti: P-cock fun tas(t)y! - frOmmage à Co-die

Percussion Charm

The aim of Percussion Charm is to show the diversity of metallic percussion sounds in the light of Hungarian works. The idea of the project is centered around metal percussion instruments such as the vibraphone, cymbals, triangles, gong and mores. Only Hungarian works are included in this program.

Program of Percussion Charm:
Árpád Solti: Cooltrain
Palotás Gábor: Countdown
Gábor Virágh András: Metal Music
Bálint Baráth: S.H. to Rhythm
Balogh Máté: Silenzio!
Ákos Nagy: Ripples on the Ice of Enceladus

Hungarian Marimba Sections

In his solo project made in 2019 Gábor Palotás returns to marimba. The pieces in his approximately 60 minutes long show reflect the diversity of Hungarian composer's mind and carry unique and colorful tones in them.

Program of "Magyar Marimba Metszetek" (Hungarian Marimba Engravings)
András Gábor Virágh: Capriccio per marimbafono
Balázs Horváth: Surface Studies
Levente Kovács: Introduzione e Capriccio
Bálint Baráth: Janus
Gábor Palotás: Shadows in the Forest
Gergely Győrffy: Pedrolino
Árpád Solti: Decaf Coffee